Enhancing the value of your home can be as simple as doing a little landscaping and rearranging the furniture, or as complex as remodeling the kitchen or replacing the roof. Bettersworth Realty can help you decide what you should and shouldn’t do to enhance your property’s value.

Our review includes a cost-return analysis that is designed to answer three important questions:

1) Is the enhancement necessary to sell the property?
2) Will the cost of the enhancement boost the property’s value enough to make it worthwhile?
3) How long will the enhancement take, and how does this affect the client’s timeframe for selling the property?

Some enhancements, such as remodeling, roof replacement or new flooring, can be expensive. Bettersworth Realty has relationships with contractors and service providers who will provide payment terms to our clients. In many cases, you can pay for the enhancement when you sell the house!
Bettersworth Realty can also advise you on market trends regarding colors, materials and fixtures so that you make the right choices. We can also provide you with a list of brands and resources to help you maximize your time and budget.