Technology has drastically changed the way homes are marketed. These changes are for the most part good for both sellers and buyers. More than 80 percent of home buyers begin their home search on the Internet and virtually every Realtor screens properties they intend to show their clients on the Internet. Therefore, how your home is presented over the computer screen to both Realtors and homebuyers is vitally important. Your home may meet all of the criteria of a potential buyer, but if they can’t see that–and quickly–your home is but a mouse click away from being ignored. We still do what traditional Realtors do to market your home because it is still important, but we excel in e-marketing your home.

We will ensure that buyers and Realtors from around the world see your home at its best via their computer screen.

Learn About Our Process:


Pre-launch – Our preparation and guidance help ensure a successful launch.

Here’s what We do:

1) Present a thorough market analysis to educate and inform you about the market in both your immediate neighborhood and your area.

2) Discuss your desired return on your investment and your ideal

3) Provide contacts for property repairs needed before putting your home on the market. Many of these vendors can be paid after your home sells.

4) Advise you on how best to present your property to visiting
potential buyers and through marketing material.

5) Utilize professional photographs taken for marketing materials.

6) Design a professional virtual tour, e-flyer, printed flyer, property
website, newspaper advertisement* and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing.

7) Set a launch date when marketing materials will “go live” simultaneously for maximum exposure. *Conditions apply. Contact a Bettersworth Realtor for more information.

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Launch – When it’s time to go live, we cover all the bases.

Here’s what we do:

1) E-mail photos and information about your property to Realtors.

2) Launch your property-specific website with multiple photos and a virtual tour.

3) Post your property on Because Bettersworth Realty is a premium member, your home is seen before non-premium Realtor’s listings are. is the number-one site used by home buyers.

4) Launch your property through the Internet Data Exchange (IDX). Your home will be seen on the websites of other IDX Realtor members around the world.

5) Place print advertising in local markets and beyond.*

6) Launch your property on the local MLS.
*Conditions apply.

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On the market – Our reports deliver feedback from Realtors and buyers about your home.

Here’s what we do:

1) We contact each agent who has viewed your property to get immediate feedback.

2) We send you reports and statistics on the feedback we have gathered.

3) We provide traffic reports from your web listing.

4) We provide traffic reports on your virtual tour so you know how many buyers have taken a closer look.

5) We analyze and explain all the feedback and provide recommendations for adjustments as needed.

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We have an offer! – Experienced at negotiating and analyzing offers and buyers, we protect your interests through the contract process.

We’re here to help you:

1) Analyze initial offers and advise you on how to respond.

2) Speak to the buyer’s lender to ensure they are pre-qualified.

3)  Analyze and advise you on any contract amendments presented by the buyers.

4) Ensure that all required forms are included in the contract.

5) Ensure that you are always aware of your contractual obligations.

6) Communicate with the title company, inspector, insurance company and others.

7) Assist at the closing to answer your questions.

8) We can refer you to knowledgeable attornys, accountants and inspectors when desired.

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Sold!  After your home has sold, we remain available to assist you with any questions you have. Consider us your Real Estate resource.



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